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Welcome to Built Green® of Clallam County, Washington!

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Built Green® of Clallam County is supported through membership fees and grant funding through the Washington State Department of Ecology  While these materials were reviewed for grant consistency, this does not necessarily constitute endorsement by the department.”

Building green  requires good planning & the use of sustainable building materials. Built Green® checklists provide a menu of material and construction choices to choose from.  We’re here to guide you to those resources.


Homes are certified through a Built Green® of Clallam County point system that will result in a 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 star rating, depending on methods and materials chosen for a project.

Get one step closer to a greener planet. 


Green building is simple and smart. It produces healthier homes that are energy efficient, while reducing the environmental impact of home construction by protecting the air and water quality in our community. Checklist guidelines save you money, too! Green building is an investment in our future, creating communities and regions that are better places to live today and tomorrow. 

Built Green® of Clallam County is sponsored by the North Peninsula Building Association, & collaborates with other agencies and organization to provide information to builders and the public through trainings, events, & communications

to email subscribers on the latest green building techniques and materials.  Contact us to provide information and research to help you make the best decision.

Learn more about the program or sign up for email notification of events, trainings or  current information on green homes, gardens & communities, contact Interim Built Green® of Clallam County at 360-452.8160 through the North Peninsula Building Association office or by email, click on this link .


These Clallam checklists are available on-line for your use:

¨ Single Family Home Checklist

¨ Remodeler Checklist

¨ Green Communities Developers Checklist

¨ Subcontractors Checklists


Click below for easy, cost saving ideas to green your project:

¨ Inside

¨ Outside

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Built Green 101: Videos


Built Green® Washington has prepared several video segments to introduce you to the Built Green program & key benefits. The project was funded by the Washington State Department of Ecology.  Link here